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So you want an online business??                                                                              

Fantastic!  You have recognized your desire to start an online venture of your very own.  You’ve just jumped into a HUGE pool with MANY others who feel the same way swimming about.  Will you make it out alive or drown over time?


No, I am not trying to be sarcastic but I am attempting to inject a dose of reality into those of you who do want to get started in the IM (Internet Marketing)world.  If you are someone that wants to go into this with expectations of making a million overnight then forget it.  This post indeed my blog as a whole is not for you.  Please close the window and move on to something else.  In fact, I would even go as far as saying if you want to get into this business with the expectation that you will bring in a full time income without having to do much work then I ask you to follow the same advice I just gave the overnight millionaire.  Going into the IM market should NOT be a decision made on a whim or without a good deal of intensive thought.  This is not a field where you make money by doing nothing!


Sure, there are those that make a decent living and put in only a few hours of actual work each week.  Do you think they got there doing the same?  Of course not!  They put in the long hours to get to where they are.  Like any business this one is no different.  When you first jump in your first test will be your determination.  If you are totally new to this business then I have to add another dose of reality and tell you that your determination and resolve will have to be even greater!  I don’t claim to be an expert, far from it.  This is a field where rules and strategies change continuously.  To be an online marketer is to be in learning mode all the time.  You can get really good at it over time but you will never know everything about it.  If your are still with me then congratulations.


People don’t like to hear negative things but I would rather make you think deeply about this instead of letting you become one of the many in the failure pile.  Don’t get into this field if your heart is truly not into it.  Going into it with a motivational imperative of making money is also the wrong approach.  You won’t see money coming in for a while.  You have to go through the development stages first.  Make your way though the pool to get to the other side.  There will be endless amounts of learning you will need to get going with.  If you don’t have a product or service that you want to promote then you will have to figure this out as well.  Then there’s the technical aspect of setting your web presence up and how to go about getting people to see it.  These are just the highlights of what awaits you should you decide to enter this field.  This is all even BEFORE you make a sale.


Sure, you can outsource much of the work and get things done quicker but let’s face it, do you have money to pay for all the outsourcing?  Most people don’t and imagine you are in the same category so its down to just you and maybe some help from family or friends if you happen to be so fortunate.  Oh!  There’s one more thing too.  Its a main reason or complaint that I find usually does most people in.  What is it?  TIME.  Everything I have mentioned above requires TIME, loads of it!  Do you have the time to invest in yourself and your business?  Is your resolve ready to handle late nights or early mornings?  Weekends? How about all of these?  Because unless someone else is doing the work for you then its all you.  There’s a great deal of benefit to be reaped by having an online business that is doing well.  No great thing comes to be from nothing.  The strokes must be applied before the masterpiece come into being.   For those still with me I congratulate you again.  You must really want this and I am glad if that is the case.


I am gratified to be able to share my experiences with you so that we may all gain from it.  As you are most likely aware, I am building an Internet business from the ground up.  Yes, I have help in the form of a mentor-ship program and although the program is pretty well laid out and easy to follow I have to tell you that regardless of this I spend anywhere from 4 to 7 hours per day and 7 days a week (yes, I work weekends too!) doing research, blogging, learning, brainstorming new ideas, going through forums, asking questions and so on.  Do I want my online business to take off?  You bet I do!  But its not the cake walk many would have you to believe.  This is for a lack of a better term a JOB.  If I don’t invest my most precious resource which is time I am not going to get anywhere with it.  There will come a time when this won’t be such a time drain for me but I am not there yet.  I am however noticing that I am getting better and faster as I progress.  After reading through the post I will leave you with this question to ponder: Do you still want an Internet business?

As always I invite your comments.  Let others know your experiences.  We may all learn something from your post!

To our continued success!


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